Teeth Whitening and How it Can Improve your Confidence

Think about the last time you met a new person. What was the first thing that you noticed about them? Chances are it was something on their face. This is no real surprise as our faces are what allow us to communicate and convey emotion with each other, which means it is naturally something that is going to be a priority to notice.

What you may not even realize is that at some point during your conversation chances are you took note of the person’s teeth. Research has confirmed that people who have teeth that are bright and straight elicit a more positive reaction from others.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with straight white teeth and often times those of us who do not have a perfect smile often take a hit to their self confidence. Fortunately, there are solutions for this in the form of teeth whitening procedures.

White Teeth and the Impact on Your Life

In a study done in 2007 it was found that people who have whiter teeth were more likely to get promotions, job offers, and even dates. There have been many studies conducted that have found that the majority of people would like a whiter smile.

The question is, why does the colour of a person’s teeth correlate strongly with social connections, self-esteem, and professional success?

One of the reasons may be because of how we perceive people’s overall health and age. When you get older the enamel of the teeth starts to get thinner and becomes yellow. People who have poor hygiene, unhealthy teeth, or habits such as drinking tea and coffee or smoking also typically have teeth that are gray, yellowish, or brownish. Discoloured teeth can cause a person’s face to look visually older. In one study that is conducted a model who had teeth that were discoloured was thought to be ten years older than she actually was. With many people trying to look younger, it is not surprising that maintaining a perfectly white smile is important.

Another reason that a white smile may have an effect on people is because of the way people act when they have a low self esteem.  Smiles are warm and welcoming and a person with low self esteem will typically not be open to others. Even people who are rather friendly may not smile in situations when they are not comfortable with how their teeth look. This can have an effect on the impressions they make on others.

How Teeth Whitening Can Improve your Confidence

It may seem silly or minor, but tooth whitening can make a difference in your overall confidence. While most people’s confidence is not based entirely on how they look, personal appearance does impact how you perceive yourself.

Most people want to look their best and thus make a good first impression. One of the best ways to achieve this is by perfecting your smile through teeth whitening.

If you are not confident with your appearance others can tell as this is communicated in the way you talk, move, and carry yourself. Whitening your teeth can provide you with an effective, safe, and inexpensive way to dramatically improve one of the most important aspects of your appearance. This little investment can improve your confidence and the way that you are perceived by others.

When you are ready to improve your smile and your confidence, Birkbeck Dentistry is a full dental practice in Kent that offers teeth whitening services.

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